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Content examples

We included quite a few chapters from the book and the whole Mat.

Joseph H. Pilates already published his mat work so we feel we can give this portion away for free.

Feel free to read it in any order, but do eventually read the method chapters in order to understand how he works.

Read this!!

        Throughout the book, anything in bold letters,  is a personal quote from Joseph himself or the name of an exercise or piece of equipment, exactly as he called it. If it is bold and italics the text represents either my opinion or is an exercise name used often, but not created by Joseph himself.

        A lot of the exercises that you know won’t appear in the book. A lot of exercises that you may not know will appear (link to making choices) The exercises are not performed according to any present school of Pilates. (Link to style and contents) We only follow Joseph H. Pilates instructions. Any similarities between the exerises on the book and what you may know are purely coincidental.

        Quick note: due to the nature of his work things are connected throughout, so some repetition is not only unavoidable, but I chose to repeat myself in many places if I thought the point should be repeated. Is only ink after all.


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